Enfield Beauty Salon

The Laurels Beauty salon is undoubtedly one of Enfield’s most prominent and dependable beauty centres. The best thing about us is our team of highly experienced and reliable staff who takes extra care to cater an exclusive treatment to every single client; as no two persons’ skin tone can be considered to be exactly similar. Besides, our beauticians are client friendly, which creates a very comfortable atmosphere for our customers.

Our twenty-five years of experience in the beauty and grooming sector has won us the trust and respect of our clients in Enfield as well as other places in London. That is why our clients keep coming back to us.

Try out our wide range of grooming and skin care options. Be it your hair, eyes, lips or your eyes, we have a special treatment reserved for each, as we believe that every body part needs care and has to be pampered.

Personal care is now a part of every person’s schedule and we know that no one wants to take a risk as far as personal care is concerned. This is where our twenty-five years of experience count.

Visit our beauty salon in Enfield and get to know an all new personal care experience that will leave you relaxed and satisfied.