Semi Permanent Make-Up

Just imagine being able to wake up first thing in the morning, or step out of the shower or gym, perfectly made up with not a smudge in sight. At The Laurels we can arrange just that with Semi Permanent Make-up. Our trained specialist will tailor the treatment to your individual requirements.

As with all treatments and techniques carried out at The Laurels Beauty Centre, the technique for applying Semi Permanent Make-Up is completely safe. It is also approved by doctors. It involves applying natural, hypoallergenic pigments to the skin, where it can remain for up to 5-years.


 These treatments are specifically designed and recommended for:

  • People with sparse eyebrow hair, in some case non-existent and who require lasting definition
  • People with eyesight problems hindering make-up application
  • People with scars on their eyebrows
  • People allergic to make-up pencils
  • Alopecia sufferers
  • People looking for better definition of lips

We cover the following areas of Semi Permanent Make-Up application:

  • Eyebrows
  • Lipliner
  • Eyeliner – top only
  • Eyeliner – bottom only
  • Eyeliner – top and bottom
  • Eyeliner Enhancer – top
  • Eyeliner Enhancer – top and bottom
  • Beauty Spot

All Semi Permanent Make-Up treatments require a patch test. Contact us now to arrange your free consultation and patch test.